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II Sugar Cane sirup Day in Frigiliana
II Sugar Cane sirup Day in Frigiliana

On Sunday, in home4holidays we went to the second day of  the sugar cane sirup in the pretty village of Frigiliana, where we also have some comodations.

The sugar cane sirup is a 100% natural, without any kind of refined, obtained directly from concentrated sugar cane (Unlike regular honey, in this process the bees are not involved at all). This product has a vitamin and nutritional properties, in light of any other sweetener, and similiares years but with other properties of honey. The sugar cane sirup was discovered by the Persian king Darius. In Frigiliana we have the latest manufactured product, which is across Europe. According to studies of the prestigious American doctor Gaylord Hauser, sugar cane sirup  <contains not only large vitamin B, also has a good proportion of iron, calcium and other essential minerals for humans.


Yesterday we enjoyed a guided tour in this unique  factory in Frigiliana, and all production processes, as well as delight of an extensive tasting products made with this delicacy centenary. The sugar cane sirup has become a distinctive product of the area of ​​Axarquia, and test is a mandatory activity on any visit to the area.


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